Evnflo was born from a love of yoga and a need for aesthetically designed furniture that can enhance your practice. Our desire was to create a brand that combines a firm grounding in design technology with our passion for clever design solutions. We wanted to develop beautiful artistic products that can build strength, flexibility and balance. We also wanted our products to offer yogis of all levels, complete peace of mind and to gift them with little moments of daily calm. The Evnflo philosophy of combining beautiful form and function, is evident in every piece we create.

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A cornerstone of our brand philosophy is to develop innovative products without reducing our natural resources, or negatively impacting on our environment. That is why all our products are produced locally, from environmentally friendly materials and fabrics. Our respect for Mother Nature drives our need to preserve natural habitats and both human and animal rights. We combine mechanical processes with human artistry. Every single piece created in our home workshop has been crafted by hand, for you, with love.

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General wellbeing and building self-confidence is our purpose. We understand the vulnerability that comes with physical postures. Whether inversions, back-bends, forward folds or balancing postures, our aim is to create products that support your own individual needs.

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